Steve's Soul Food


Lunch Combo
 $6.98 - Most Lunches Include 2 sides, 1 meat, muffin and soda

Poultry$6.98 Beef $6.98
1/4 Chicken Fried Meat Loaf $6.98
Smothered or BBQ or 4 wings Short Ribs $7.98
HOT, BBQ or Fried  8oz New York Strip $7.98
Liver & Onions $6.98

2 Pork Chops  2 pc Cat Fish $6.98
Fried or Smothered Ocean Pearch $7.98
BBQ Rib Tips 2 pc Tilapia $7.98
Pig Feet
Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Corn, Corn Bread Dressing, Collard Greens, andied Yams, Red Skins /Mash Potatoes, Black Eyed Peas, Pinto Beans, Green Beans, Cabbage, Rice Fried Orka Whole Orka(Sundays) Spaghetti (Friday) Potato Salad, cole Slaw , Tossed Salad 
          Now Serving Heart Smart, , Low Sodium & Sugar Free Meals)

Peach Cobbler                           sm $2.39       lrg  $3.19
NY Style Cheese Cake                                           $3.89
Carrot Cake                                                              $3.19
Asst. Cake                                                                $2.89
Sweet Potato Pie                                                     $3.29
Bread Pudding                                                         $3.29
Cherry & Blueberry Cobbler     sm $2.59              $3.39
Assorted Cakes                                                       $3.89
Banana Pudding                        sm $1.99              $2.99

1/2 Chicken, BBQ, Fried Smothered $9.98   2 Pork Chops $10.98
6 Wings BBQ, Buffalo, Fried $9.98   BBQ Rib 4 bones $10.98
2 Marinated Chicken Breast $10.98   Rib Tips $9.98
1 Whole Turkey Wing (Sundays $9.98   2 Ham Hocks (sat only) $9.98
Cornish Hen (Sundays) $10.98   2 Pig Feet $9.98

10oz. New York Strip w/ gravy & onions $13.98
Meat Loaf $10.98
Short Ribs of Beef  $13.98
Liver & Onions ( cooked to order )  $9.98

2 PC  Catfish $$10.98
Ocean Pearch $10.98
2 pc Tilapia $12.98
6 fried or Grilled Shrimps (cooked to order) $12.98
5oz Lobster Tail (cooked to order) $12.98
Salmon Croquette ( Thrus- & Friday Only ) $10.98

BBQ Ribs or Rib Tips & Shrimps $14.98
BBQ Ribs or Rib Tips & Cat Fish $11.98
BBQ Ribs or Rib Tips & Chicken $10.98
Chicken Wings and Cat Fish $11.98


1440 Franklin St. –Detroit, MI 48207 – (313) 393-0018ph (313) 393-3783fx
Below you will find the varied selections we have available both in our establishment 
and for catering services. Each event is different and we offer custom menu selections 
to best fit your event. If by chance you do not see an item that you would wish to offer 
please let us know, we would be more than happy to let our Chef’s do their thing!

Steve’s House Salad
Mixed greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Julienne Carrots, Crisp Vidalia Onions, choice of 
cheese toppings and dressings
Traditional Caesar Salad
w/bbq or Grilled Chicken 

Potato Salad
Made with Redskin Potatoes, Dilled and Sweet Pickles, Hard Boiled Eggs and Steve’s 
secret seasonings
Cole Slaw
Red and Green Cabbage Hand Chopped and mixed with Raisins, Pineapples and 

Southern Style Chicken Quarters
Farm Raised Chicken, seasoned overnight then prepared as you like (fried, bbq or 
Chicken Wings
Jumbo Farm Raised Chicken Wings prepared like our famous Chicken (fried, bbq, 
smothered or HOT)
Pigs Feet
Ole Southern Favorite, seasoned to perfection and cooked to be tender (plain or bbq)
Center Cut Chops
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